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Scratch (Abigail/Hannibal)

Prompt: So, I secretly really want someone to write me something where Abigail goes to Hannibal’s office and he’s like imma keep yo secret Ms. Hobbs and then he takes her over to the couch and deflowers her all gentle like and then they go to the kitchen and he cooks for her and they eat her friends liver together and fuck in the kitchen. Bonus points for: When he fucks her on the couch there needs to be something with him licking the blood from her legs because he broke her hymen

Fill: Scratch (AO3)

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Mignardises (Hannibal/Will, abuse, noncon/dubcon)

Prompt: Will and Hannibal are working on a case and have to cooperate with an FBI agent from another state. Pretty soon everyone notices there’s something strange about him. The agent’s pretty rude to Will and keeps trying to make him uncomfortable by touching him or cornering him when they are alone. 

Eventually it comes out that he and Will used to date and that the man was abusive towards Will and one of the reasons why Will is “unstable”. Unfortunately at that time Will was too intimidated to press charges or felt like he couldn’t prove it since the abuse wasn’t physical. Years later, part of him still believes he deserved it. 

Fill: Mignardises (AO3)

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